Archives for December 2011

The territory

Tigress Tigress is committed to being both digital-centric in its approach to integrated communication and consumer-centric in its approach to ideas and innovation. And I hope this reflects in everything you read about the company in the menu above and the blog posts below.

Tigress Tigress is positioned very sharply and definitively and that perhaps makes it a rare species.  But then, I believe, that is what separates it from the rest of the eco-system.

With a three-pronged go-to-market strategy, Tigress Tigress begins its aggressive hunt for marketing challenges and creative solutions in areas I feel very strongly about.

Tigress Tigress also seeks unique ways of working with advertisers because my instincts tell me today’s landscape requires a fearless and more ferocious approach.

And whether it is winning business or winning global awards, I hope the benefits of the stripes I may have earned over three decades will now directly accrue to Tigress Tigress.