Understanding the new order

(A preview of my approach to customer conversations)

I believe in a different order of priority. The consumer comes before the brand, the brand comes before the advertiser. Not the other way around. ABC must give way to CBA.

Often in the rush of everyday business targets and in the preoccupation with one’s own portfolio of products, the consumer ceases to be the centre-focus and the communication therefore ceases to engage. The consumer is our touchstone, our reality check and our raison d’etre. This blog, I hope, will reacquaint us with those who are the very reason why brands and advertisers exist and succeed.

This space features thought-provoking observations about the consumer, his or her needs, desires, triggers, hot buttons and behavioural patterns. Because without those key insights, it is impossible to create truly and totally integrated communication with digital at the heart of the experience.