The hunt

Revenue stream creation

Tigress Tigress specialises in taking brands into unexplored opportunity areas – new markets, new audiences, new category shoulder niches, new products and innovations – to power up ideas into profitability and increase brand contribution to the bottomline. From insight and strategy, through product development and contouring, to creative ideation and execution, right down to management and stewardship of brand portfolios, Tigress Tigress sees the entire revenue stream through. Using the levers of behavioural economics, Tigress Tigress works on a 5-breakthrough mandate on every assignment – across business model, strategic insight, creative idea, technological innovation and social groundswell. This results in extremely differentiated, truly bespoke brand engagements and one-of-a-kind consumer experiences.

The rainbow hashtag™


Tigress Tigress is a firm believer in purpose branding, working with socially-responsible brands and mindful businesses. The rainbow hashtag™ is a unique concept targeting corporate spends in aspects that are high on a CEO’s governance charter, focusing on four key areas. The red cross – Healthcare and Social Causes, the blue cross – Animal Welfare and Protection, the green cross – Ecology and Environment, the yellow cross – Fitness and Sport. These are areas that increasingly affect the future of the planet and its people – and Tigress Tigress has a special agenda to cater to these priorities. All work relating to saving the tiger will be done pro bono. A dedicated space – – has been created to spotlight views on diversity, equality and inclusion.

Multicultural marketing

With a rich background of cross-geography experience, Tigress Tigress focuses on a new and emerging target segment that marketers can no longer ignore. As a start point, Tigress Tigress will cater to the ethnic minority groups in international markets. This specialisation recognises the potential of a significant and ever-increasing diaspora, one that is growing not just in numbers but in purchasing power and advocacy. The task is four-fold: to shape and market global brands to ethnic audiences, to customise and launch brands from ethnic markets to newer geographies, to build greater sensitivities and cultural nuances into brand conversations and experiences, to use online and offline behavioural economics to build communities around shared mindsets.