The species

What makes the difference

Tigress Tigress engages in higher order conversations and delivery on overall brand strategy and media-neutral consumer engagement – with category disruption and niche branding as its singular focus. In a highly competitive market, changing the dynamics of the domain, redefining paradigms of success, exploring new target segments and transforming brand experiences have become the new imperatives. The aim is to lift brands to the apex of the food chain, allowing them to preside over and even dictate category behaviour while enjoying an enviable un-preyed-upon supremacy. The end goal is simple: to go where no brand has dared to go before, to open up a whole new environment of value, dominance and profitability.

The drivers of creativity

Tigress Tigress draws its inspiration from its mission. To mark out domains for brands – and allow them to reign over their powerful positioning in the competitive marketplace – through a deeper understanding of the consumer. Tigress Tigress also finds its strength in its own DNA – being predatory when it comes to prowling for challenging opportunities and global accolades while being fiercely protective of the quality of the creative product and the team that creates it.

A commitment to returns

Tigress Tigress is extremely passionate about finding creative business solutions to address marketers’ problems and opportunities. Solutions that are creatively very distinctive and disruptive, but are equally very responsible and accountable. The ability to wear the hat of a business head and a creative head at the same time makes Tigress Tigress very conscious of – and committed to – Return on Innovation.