The territory

Tigress Tigress boldly roams off the beaten track for ideas. Pursuing elusive scents for consumer-brand insights and path-breaking strategies. With a voracious hunger to discover untrodden trails and brave revenue streams. Taking brands through untrammelled terrain to hidden opportunities in value creation and profitability.

Business leaders and global marketers know only too well that it is a jungle out there. New brands will need to be audacious and adventurous to mark their turf and take on the unknown. Established brands will have to constantly reinvent themselves to survive and thrive in a changing ecosystem. And then there are virgin territories just waiting to be dominated.

Tigress Tigress is positioned very sharply and definitively as a category disruptor and niche branding specialist. And, I believe, that is perhaps what makes it a rare species – one that is always chasing down marketing breakthroughs.

With a three-pronged go-to-market strategy, Tigress Tigress continues its aggressive hunt for marketing challenges, category innovations and creative solutions in areas I feel very strongly about.

Tigress Tigress also seeks unique ways of working with result-oriented, purpose-led marketers because my instincts tell me today’s landscape requires a fearless and more ferocious approach.

And whether it is winning business or winning global awards, I hope the benefits of the stripes I may have earned over three and a half decades will now directly accrue to Tigress Tigress.