The instincts

Just-in-Time business model

Tigress Tigress does not force marketers to make do with a finite set of skills which may well be unsuited to the task. Instead it brings to the table a Just-in-Time panel of relevant specialist talent, hand-picked for each assignment. With a full-fledged panel of resources available in all specialisations across the full circle of integrated communication, Tigress Tigress – by virtue of being a creative-led business – melds these skills into one seamless communication strategy.  And with a business cum creative head at the helm – who has trained, nurtured, shaped and closely collaborated with panel members along the way – the assurance of a differentiated creative product and Return on Innovation is built into the delivery.

Percentage-of-Sales revenue model

Tigress Tigress is positive about delivering disruptive and path-breaking ideas that work for businesses in today’s challenging landscape. In fact it is this confidence that has shaped a bold revenue model that is part fee and part percentage of sales. The idea is never to be a cost that needs to be justified. The idea is to co-parent the brand into the future and then share the success in a win-win relationship.

Return-on-Innovation creative model

Tigress Tigress believes that truly creative work must be truly effective work. Which is why the emphasis is on a very high creative quotient and an equally high attention to outcomes. Looking through the lenses of a CEO and CCO, no path is left untrodden till creativity and accountability are achieved. Well aware that an idea is only as good as its results, Tigress Tigress realises it will only be as good as its last piece of work.