What comes first: the lyrics or the tune?

Understanding the power of music as a social glue

(An excerpt from my joint address at Eurobest with Spotify)

We are all born to the rhythm of 72 beats a minute – the rhythm of life and the heartbeat of hope.

Everybody has a song. Music is the backdrop of memories. Every milestone – an event, a nostalgic moment, a success, a loss, a relationship, a feeling – has a song to remember it by.

In the conducting of a complex orchestra of human interests and passions lies the very soul of a community – a community that could be as everlasting as a classic. It is all about the inner rhythm of individuals and its exponential reverberation into a rousing online chorus.

How do you touch that chord, strum that latent need, pluck the heartstrings? The answer lies in the power of music to bind and bond. The solution is in understanding the vibrations of a group that taps its feet to a common beat.

Today, the consumer is the brand. And the brand is the consumer. The roles have changed, and the rules have too. And there’s nothing better than a good song to make it easy to resonate with that change.

It’s time to be in tune with listeners. And pitch your messages at just the right key.

The sweet music of a good social media strategy begins with a belief in music as a lasting community building tool. It also begins with the belief in the potential of a powerful philharmony.